Non-Profit Project

Yéena Comom

A basketball court connecting people in Dakar


Our Mission

A Common Sports Area for Dakar


In Wolof, Sengal’s most widely used language,
Yéena Comom means for everyone.


The project’s name is also our mission. We want to build a basketball court to bring everyone in the community together and extend it to be a social center in the city Guédiawaye (part of region Dakar). We believe that the right environment for a new generation will create opportunities for the society to grow.


Basketball Connects



From a Shattered Playground to a Community Centre

Status Quo

Cracks in the concrete
No roof to protect from midday sun
No changing rooms
No sanitary facilities

Target State

State of the art basketball court
Changing rooms and bathrooms
Shaded meeting place and open kitchen
Tribunes for sport, school and community events


Target Groups


The main beneficiaries are the approx. 28 thousand inhabitants in this part of Guédiawaye who will receive a new place to meet, exchange and play basketball. Currently, the court is mainly used by a local basketball association.

Besides benefits for all basketball enthusiasts in the area, the court can be used for other sport activities, for educational purpose by the elementary and superior schools and for cultural events such as weddings or theatres.


An Academic Piece of Work becomes Reality

The architecture of the project is based on the master thesis by Jan Nicoli. 


Passionate People backed by a Social Organization

Friendship as a Starting Point

The passion for basketball was the kickstart of the friendship of Jan Nicoli from Italy and Ibrahima Gaye from Senegal over 10 years ago. The success of recent actions to support basketball teams of Ibrahima’s hometown Dakar proofed them to take further steps to give people in Senegal a similar possibility to connect and grow together.

A Professional Team for Realisation

A team of eight motivated members support Jan and Ibrahima with diversified skills to bring the initial idea into reality. The non-profit organisation of Ingenieur:innen ohne Grenzen (Engineers without Broders) in Austria provide the team additionally with long-term experiences and the necessary legal basis to make the project successful.


Let’s Get Started




Moving Forward

2023 - Fundraising

Collect funds to get started with the first phase

2024 - Start Construction

Renovation of the basketball court

Later - Extend Function

The basketball court is expanded to a building for the community


We count on your support

Special Thanks to our corporate sponsors

If you want to become a corporate sponsors too, please get in contact with us.